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What is City Guide Europe?

CGE is a journal, a community and a brand.

Exploring the world through food and drinks, fashion, art, music and meeting new people is what CGE is all about. We are building a community where you always got friends pointing you in the right direction as you explore new corners of the world.

CGE is a personal guide, created by real and passionate people, making the very best out of your journey, wherever you are going.

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The CGE story.

It's been a long time coming. André and Elias met in André's store Shelta almost 20 years ago. This was back when Shelta was a small shop no bigger than 25 square meters. Later on, back in 2009, the two of us decided to work on a brand together. But for reasons nobody remembers we never got past the sketching phase.

We both did our own thing. Elias created the brand New Black in Stockholm, and André kept growing his Shelta business in Gothenburg. In the meantime, we kept on travelling the globe.

Now, many years later, that the two of us finally started a business together, we decided that the passions we share should make up for the foundation of the brand. We hope you guys want to join the City Guide Europe journey with us!